Monday, 3 January 2011

Random Little Things

My Favourite Bead

My Second Favourite Bead



  1. Hi Harri, it's your Mum's Uncle Ray here.
    Just been admiring your photos and I think they're really good. What camera do you use? My hobby at the moment is Photography so it's nice to see someone else I know who's interested. What happened to the gardening? Maybe when the weather improves eh? We have some lovely views around the Lake here so I'm spoilt for choice, perhaps you'll get your Mum to bring you over sometime. Hope to hear from you. Ray and Linda

  2. Hiya :)

    How are you both? Thank you. I use the Nikon D3100, Which i got for christmas off Mum and vin. I want to be a Photographer when im older. Im starting my gardening again in the spring, When my daffodils and irises have grown. Yes, we will have to come up soon. I bet the lake is lovley. Good to hear from you. Love Me and mum. xx

  3. Hey uncle hoppy, how you doin? <think of Joey from Friends here, ha ha

    Will deffo come to see you and auntie Linda very soon.

    I'm taking Harri to Tenerife next month (might leave her there) ha ha again, she'll be going on a photography tour while she's there so I'm sure she'll take lots of great shots while she's there and we plan walking from Los Cristianos to La Caleta which is a beautiful all beach walk <hard life I know, ha ha

    Looking forward to coming to visit you soon

    Wendy xxx